Pee Wee Basketball


Pee Wee Basketball Games 2023

Thursday, March 2 and Friday, March 3: RMG Tournament. Boys play at RMG on Thursday at 4 pm and 5 pm and on Friday at 3 pm. Girls play at Elm Street on Thursday at 4 pm and 5 pm and on Friday at 3 pm. 

Tuesday, March 7th: Away at Calais. Start time is at 4 pm. 

Friday, March 10th: Home (at Jonesboro) vs. MVC

Monday, March 13th: Away at Elm Street

Thursday, March 16th: Home (at Jonesboro)  vs. RMG

Friday, March 17th & Saturday, March 18th: DWM Tournament. Times TBD. 

Tuesday, March 21st: Home (at Jonesboro) vs Lubec & Campobello

4 pm Girls vs. Campobello

5 pm Boys vs. Lubec 

6 pm Boys vs. Campobello 

Thursday, March 22nd : Home (at Jonesboro) vs. Cutler 

Monday, March 27th: Home (at FOB) vs. MVC Girls ONLY


Tuesday, March 28th: Away at Lubec

4 pm Boys vs Lubec

5 pm Girls vs. Campobello

6 pm Boys vs. Campobello

Wednesday, March 29th: Home (at FOB) vs. Beals

Tuesday, April 4th: Home (at FOB) vs. Jonesport

Thursday, April 6th: Away at RMG at 3 pm for Girls and approximately 4 pm for Boys

Friday, April 7th & Saturday, April 8th: Elm Street Tournament. Times TBD

Monday, April 10th: Away at Cutler 

Friday, April 14th & Saturday, April 15th: Jonesboro Gr. 1-4 Tournament 

Game times are Girls’ games start at 5 pm and Boys’ games start at approximately 6 pm. Unless otherwise stated.